A traveler, storyteller and photographer.

I specialize in brand photography and designing books for your personal and professional life. Whether it’s spinning a travel tale of my own or helping you tell yours I’m here to help. Making books, brands, people and homes look pretty is a “job” I love.

I’m also obsessed with planning adventures, travel and inspiring others. I wasn’t happy with most of the books out there so I wrote Women with Wanderlust: A Guide to Roaming, a best selling resource guide for solo women travelers or travelers on a budget. The book is everything I wished I would have known before I started traveling. I hope it inspires a world with more roaming women (and men)!

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You do a great job balancing your own creative expression and expertise with true listening and integration of my desires and feedback.

I don’t know how you do it!? It’s like you’re in my head! Every time I tell you what I need to have done, you meet and exceed my hopes and expectations! It’s extremely comforting to know that you actually listen to what’s important to me and you ALWAYS remember the details. I never worry about the end result, because I know you’ve got it covered! Thank you for all you do.

Melissa is exactly what my business and every business needs. In my experience as a client, she not only creates a project, she focuses on helping propel your business with her expertise.

Melissa is very easy to work with and projects come in on or before the agreed upon time-line. Since we don’t live in the same cities, all of our work is online. It works great! I highly recommend Melissa for your graphic design work. And she is darned good at photography too!

Melissa is a rare individual that stays true to her word and her work.

I think the number one mistake that people make is not putting enough time / care / attention / funds into design. Conversely ALL design and no substance is equally bad, but good design can really give you a leg up, and automatically have people think you are far more ‘legitimate’ than you are — and this is especially important during start-up phase.

She never missed a deadline and did it with grace, a sense of humor and impeccable professionalism.

I fully condone good design, and lasting relationships. It really is incredible when someone creates something custom with / for you, and it’s the best investment when you cultivate a long term working relationship. I strive for it with all skilled folks that you need in life — the woman who has cut my hair for the last 6 years, healers, dentists, the guy at the hardware store who knows your penchant for DIY and your skill level — they all fill a similar role.

We needed a logo for a new business we were launching. Melissa took specifications we had and our thoughts on what it might be or look like. When she came back she had a logo that looked amazing and spoke volumes about what our business was and what it did.

Melissa did a fabulous job helping us develop a corporate engagement strategy for the Brian Grant Foundation. Her talents in design really helped pull the strategy together and her recommendations were invaluable. Melissa is a true professional and pleasure to work with.

Melissa brings together the rare combination of artistic creativity and results-driven productivity.