1 email marketing tip that could save you 16k

It’s true! You can be fined for email marketing…read on…

You can’t just simply start a mailing list with all your friends and family when you first start your business and ask them to buy. Why? There are laws against it. You should know, before you send your email, how to craft it to avoid a penalty of up to $16,000.

It’s now considered spam if they have not expressly given you consent to join your mailing list and be marketed to. They have to opt in to your mailing list for this to happen.

There are no restrictions against a company emailing its existing customers or anyone who has inquired about its products or services, even if these individuals have not given permission, as these messages are classified as “relationship” messages under CAN-SPAM. But when sending unsolicited commercial emails, it must be stated that the email is an advertisement or a marketing solicitation. Recipients who have opted in to receive commercial messages from you are exempt from this rule. — CAN SPAM Act of 2003

To avoid having your business email account frozen, suspended or fined after your first email, send your welcome email from your personal account asking them to sign up to your mailing list. Use the BCC feature for all your addresses and send it to your own email. Offer them a valuable goodie for signing up. A free something or a referral coupon. This gives them incentive and it gets you a mailing list without getting into trouble. If this doesn’t sound good to you, feel free to read all the rules in the CAN-SPAM act.

You can also check out gmass.co for sending mass email from Gmail.

Happy emailing to you and if you want to save your friends consider sharing this post.

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