Best nine 2016

Have you ever wanted to know what your best photos were on Instagram for the whole year? There’s a really cool site that tells you your best nine photos and how many total likes you had on all your posts for the year.

So…what were my best nine photos this year?


Number 1: Woodburn Tulip Festival is pretty amazing if you are in the NW in April. They have a similar festival in Washington. If you’d rather go native you could take a trip to Holland. There was one time that I missed the festival in Woodburn so I posted a photo of tulips on Instagram and it got picked up by Travel and Leisure. It’s probably my biggest feature to date and all because I was feeling snarky.

Here’s the tulip photo in case you are interested in that one.

Number 2: Boardman Tree Farm is the common name for this amazing place. However, all the trees are being removed in favor of more cattle land so I had to visit it one last time to see those golden leaves of awesome. I even modeled for the photo. This one got a lot of attention on IG and I am so grateful for that even if I missed the one feature I really wanted. Maybe next time…sigh!

Number 3: This was taken in Greenough, Montana at an amazing resort. I left my dinner to get cold on the table next to my husband to run and get this shot. I’d say it was worth it. He might disagree but it’s not the first time I ran off to take a photo. When the clouds align you must go or you’ll miss the window.

Number 4: It’s not the cherry blossoms in Japan but it’s a close runner up I’d say. The cherry blossom festival is still on my bucket list but in the meantime I’ll keep enjoying spring in Portland. When I’m not traveling that is.

Number 5: Those tetons are something else, right?! This was the first time I went there and it was an incredible site in the fall. The snow and golden leaves with all the blue is an amazing contrast. I’m a huge fan of contrasting colors and national parks. This was a perfect combination.

Number 6: It’s not the “Multnomah Falls” but it’s the hidden gem right behind it. A lesser known beauty that deserves love too. I think all waterfalls are pretty and this shot turned out better than a lot of other more “well known” waterfall shots I’ve taken. I think it helps to go out when there are not a lot of people and you don’t have to feel rushed or wait for people to get out of your shot.

Number 7: Another one from the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn. On some weekends they have hot air balloons that you can ride in or just take fun photos of them. I’ve had my balloon ride so now I just enjoy taking photos until I got up again….maybe someday.

Number 8: Here’s another shot from the tree farm. I’m in love with fall and reflections. It’s also fun when you can get the sun just right in two places at once. This photo is a confluence of some of my favorite things to capture. I think other people liked it too.

Number 9: Last but not least in any regard, Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park. It was my first time to Glacier and I already want to go back when more of the park is open. I hope we continue to be a nation that supports our parks. It would be a shame to see those go away or get smaller. They are truly beauty that doesn’t compare to anything in the world. It’s something I have taken for granted being so close. I don’t have to travel around the world to see something cool. It’s right here, right now. But travel is fun too 🙂

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