I think this year it was even harder than years past to remember what I achieved. I know I did some cool stuff but sometimes you forget all that you did. That’s why these reviews are good to do. It forces you to stop and think. For me the thing that stands out literally and figuratively is the lady in red.

My 2016 review.

My 2017 reflections:

  1. Checked off a major bucket list item: seeing the northern lights!…after 2016’s failed attempt in Alaska.
  2. Went five new countries! Woot! Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  3. Discovered more of Canada, east and west. My goal is to get to all the provinces. I’ve now been to 6.
  4. Started a red dress series in Iceland of all places. That’s been a fun project. It compliments my other red accessories: jacket, umbrella, hat and shoes. The umbrella actually came first. Then the jacket, dress and lastly the shoes even though I already owned 4 pairs of red shoes. They weren’t the right ones for the photos. This is how I’m now known in some visual circles, the lady in red.
  5. Traveled to Colorado, South Carolina, Montana, Idaho, California and Tennessee for work and photographed hundreds of homes!
  6. Went on a train trip in Alaska. Trying to conquer my fear of trains in the US. I think it worked until the whole train derailment in Washington. Eek!
  7. Planned a few events for AMA PDX.
  8. Worked with the World Domination Summit to host monthly gatherings and an awesome summer summit.
  9. Featured on some blog posts. One of my favorites was Capture Landscapes.
  10. Taught travel classes at the local community college.

Looking ahead — Goals for 2018

  • Make it to South America so I can get to my 6th continent. Antarctica will be the last. I think I’m always leaving those cold places till the end. What can I say, I’m a fair weather girl.
  • Check more things off the bucket list like a heritage site and some more countries.
  • I’m hoping to continue traveling and photographing homes and people. It’s a fun job and I hope to do more of it in 2018.
  • I’m hoping to offer more classes and even start leading tours and workshops. Are you interested? Let me know.
  • Write a newsletter!
  • Finally reach 10k on Instagram. That road has been the longest and most challenging road! Ug!
  • Do more travel consulting. Did you know I do that?!
  • Sell more art.

Continue the lady in red theme

Otherwise known as the Roux Roamer. My alias. My nickname.

I’d love to get some cool sponsorships…maybe get paid to model my red dress or other cool red dresses like the Santorini Dresses. I’m also needing a new suitcase. I think it should be red. I mean, I am the lady in red…at least for my photos. Maybe I need a red bathing suit too. What do you think? What’s the next red accessory?

In between blog posts, you can follow my 140 character adventures on Twitter and my photo adventures on Instagram

Wishing you more travel in 2018! Cheers.