I’m a little later than planned in posting my 2018 recap. I’ve been in kind of a funk about the holidays and not feeling like it was a very good year. I was so looking forward to 2019 that I didn’t want to look back at 2018 and all the stuff that went wrong. The writing of this post always forces me to look for the positive and that’s why I needed to come here and do it! I think it also helps push me to stay accountable to my goals.

Well, what year in review wouldn’t be complete without looking at what goals we had and what we might not have reached.

Keeping it on the 2019 list!

Here’s the goals I didn’t make but still want to achieve very soon!

  • Make it to South America so I can check off my 6th continent. Antarctica will be the last. — I actually had a plane ticket to go but canceled it right away when I found out that February was the worst time to go to Machu Picchu.
  • I’m hoping to offer more classes and even start leading tours and workshops. — I have been doing the research but haven’t locked in the dates and times. Let me know if you are interested.
  • Write a newsletter! — Oh girl! It’s been too long.
  • MORE!! Check more things off the bucket list and some more countries.

In the bag for 2018

  • Finally reach 10k on Instagram. I actually reached 20k +. If you are following me, thank you!
  • Checked more things off the bucket list like a heritage site and some more countries.
  • I’m hoping to continue traveling and photographing homes and people. It’s a fun job and I hope to do more of it in 2018.
  • Do more travel consulting. Did you know I do that?!
  • Sell more art.
  • Continue the lady in red theme. Check! Check!

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My 2018 achievements:

  1. I visited two new countries: Morocco and Portugal
  2. I went to the Quebec province to add to my province count for Canada. I’m now up to 7! I still need to see Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Newfoundland.
  3. Worked with some cool brands like Hasselblad, Stutterheim and Glyder to name a few. I really love all their products.
  4. Traveled to BC, Wisconsin, California and Georgia for real estate photography work.
  5. Worked with Wine Enthusiast on some winemaker portraits for two articles that got published in December.
  6. Attended an industry conference, Women in Travel Summit
  7. Went to see America’s most famous waterfall: Niagara Falls. Yes, this was my first time there in my nearly 40 years on this earth. Eek!
  8. Got to 100k monthly views on Pinterest in just the last three weeks of the year…because goals! Now I hope to translate that into more website visits and sales.
  9. Two successful art shows. Sold a few old framed prints and some new metal ones.
  10. Set up a whole press tour for a photographer in two cities visiting wineries, hotels and bars.

I have to say that a lot of 2018 I just didn’t have the energy for much. I was on a soft foods diet for 6 months due to mouth surgery that went awry. We had a car that was stolen twice in 5 months. We owed a lot of money to the IRS unexpectedly. Our landlords informed us we had to move because they were selling the house. I hurt my back so bad I could barely move for weeks. I have to think that after all of this I am so much stronger and will have a more amazing 2019.

What else is on my list for 2019?

Besides the aforementioned that didn’t get completed last year. I have some more business goals to achieve.

  • Work with more magazines or tourism boards. I don’t want to be known as an “influencer” but for my work as a traveling photographer. In fact, I was doing hotel reviews long before the age of the influencer.
  • Get my SEO in way better shape
  • Host one photography workshop or two! Who’s in?! I will be focusing on composition, editing and taking your own photos.
  • Maybe I can find some bridal shops to work for. That would be cool portrait work and brand photography.
  • I want to take more superwoman portraits too otherwise known as branded portraits. What makes you feel like a superwoman? Let’s shoot it.

In between blog posts, you can follow my 140 character adventures on Twitter and my photo adventures on Instagram.

Wishing you continued success and more travel in 2019! Cheers.

2018 review