It’s been awhile since I had an entry in my Women with Wanderlust series so here we go again! If you’ve seen my photos at all then you know how much I love chasing and photographing waterfalls. Well I haven’t had the pleasure to chase waterfalls in Australia as much as I would have liked so I reached out to my friend that also loves to chase them. She might like them just as much as me….or more! Below are her suggestions for some must see Australia waterfalls. She can’t say they are the top 5 because she still has more to explore. I hope you enjoy the post and venture over to see some waterfalls down under.

5 Must-See Australia Waterfalls

Australia isn’t “known” for its waterfalls. People who travel to my beautiful home country are often chasing the pristine beaches, the vast landscapes, the Great Barrier Reef, wine regions, kangaroos. Maybe it’s because I live here, and have already experienced most of that. Or maybe it’s because my obsession with waterfalls has gotten out of hand. Either way, Australia does have some stunning waterfalls nestled in it’s deserts, forests and along the coastlines that are worth chasing. And here are five that I think make the must-see list!

1. Trentham Falls, Coliban River, Victoria (NW of Melbourne)

Trentham Falls formed some 5 million years ago when a volcano near Newbury erupted, and hot molten lava caused the earth where the Coliban river ran to collapse. They are my favourite for many reasons. First, they are the highest single drop waterfall in Victoria at 32 meters. Second, whisps of the mighty spray has caused erosion of the rock face behind them, allowing access to a cave at the back of the falls. And third, they truly are ‘nature in action’. As the rock face is eroded, and chunks of stone plunge to the ground, one day Trentham Falls will cease to exist. They are definitely worth visiting before that happens.

Trentham-Falls must see waterfalls in Australia


2. Beauchamp Falls, Great Otways National Park, Victoria (on the Great Ocean Road)

Tucked away deep in the Beech Forest, Beauchamp Falls are a spectacular spot. Since they’re fuelled by the Deppeler Creek, they’re full flowing pretty much year-round. A series of seemingly endless staircases leads you down to a viewing platform. However, the more adventurous might sneak down to their base (not easily accessible) for a clearer view.

Beauchamp Falls


3. Erskine Falls, Lorne, Victoria

Erskine Falls are another gem found during a road trip along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Erskine Falls drop 30 meters into a luscious fern gully. This makes for fantastic photography from the viewing platform, located some 300-odd steps down from the car park. However, there’s also the option to walk along the river, or cross the river for a better view. And if you continue on, Straw Falls and Splitter Falls can be found. It’s a beautiful sight, best visited after heavy rainfall or in the months June-September.


4. Serpentine Falls, Serpentine Falls National Park, Perth, Western Australia

Though the falls themselves may not be super impressive, Serpentine Falls National Park is the perfect spot for a picnic with family and friends. It’s also a popular swimming destination, especially in the summer. The freezing cold water is a welcome refreshment from the scorching rocks. Meanwhile, Kangaroos can be found trying to steal food in the picnic area. You can’t get more Aussie than that!



5. Russell Falls, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania

Russell Falls are possibly the easiest, most accessible falls I know of. And yet they’re nothing short of phenomenal. The three-tiered cascade can be admired from an unobstructed viewing platform just a short, flat walk from the Mt Field Visitor Centre. The best part? They’re part of a waterfall circuit that includes two other waterfalls – Horseshoe Falls and Lady Barron Falls.

And there you have it! There are many more stunning waterfalls in Australia, but these are just a few I wouldn’t miss. Make sure to check them out if you’re ever travelling nearby.

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Australia waterfalls by Roux Roamer