Packing tips from the pros

In this post I’m sharing some out of the box travel packing tips from some of my favorite traveling ladies. I hope you learn a thing or six.

Mary of Living Big offers a fun out of the box tip for traveling with wine:

Every major city has pharmacy and most sell packs of disposable diapers. They are the perfect solve for traveling with wine bottles, liquor or any other breakable item you need to transport in your checked luggage. Full post here:


Mar Rosati lets us in on her favorite travel accessory:

People always ask me what my favorite travel accessory is. After visiting nearly 100 cities in 2015, I can say without a doubt that a beach sarong is my #1 go-to accoutrement. It’s obviously great as a cover-up or to lay on at the pool or beach, but did you ever think to tie the corners together and make it into a hobo bag to carry your book and suntan lotion? A sarong is also a great scarf or shawl when I get cold or even a blanket on an airplane. I can cover my head with it when I visit a mosque or wrap my spaghetti-strap-clad shoulders before entering a Buddhist temple. I use it instead of a bath towel during long-term travel, and if I’m in a hostel in the lower bunk, I tuck it under the mattress above me for a privacy curtain. Once in the Jordanian desert I was lucky enough to be shown by a local how to tie it Bedouin-style as a do-rag to protect my head from the sun. Who knew that something that takes up so little space and is so lightweight could have so many uses?


Cynthia the “Globetrotting LadyLawyer” offers her best travel tip:

ZIPLOCS for packing; I carry at least 20 snack size, some quart, some gallon and three super-sized ones (Clean clothing, dirty clothing, everything else) — in this way, everything in my backpack is waterproof. I just upgraded to a Tortuga Backpack, which I love.


Electrical necessities from the globetrotting engineer Jaynie:

I always bring my power bank and headlamp in case of power cuts. These items are most important for travel beyond large cities in less developed countries. The power bank is also nice to keep my phone charged for music and e-books during long bus and train rides.


Favorite item to pack from Nancy Levenson:

A few years ago, I started packing a pair of very compact, foldable slippers. Now, I never go on a trip without them. They’re perfect for lounging around in the hotel, on a long flight—just about anywhere.


Women with Wanderlust

If any or all of these tips are helpful, I’d love to know, give me a shout out. If you want more packing tips or tricks on how to travel the world and you haven’t already checked out my book Women with Wanderlust you should do so now. For less than the price of a latte or green smoothie you get all the travel knowledge I wish I would’ve had before I hit the road. I guarantee you’ll save money on your next trip if you follow my tips and tricks. I even give you my packing list but if you want the printable version I have that over in the shop (comes free with the book purchase).

You may have heard that rolling your clothes is a great way to pack. Well, there are two ways to do it. Separately rolling each item of clothing or doing one big roll. The big role is nice for packing but not as nice when you want to quickly grab a shirt. You need to unroll it all and then reroll it when you are ready to pack again. I’m sure you can figure out what works best for you. Happy packing!

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5 packing tips and tricks from some pros by Roux Roamer