Did someone say dining dash?

When you are a travel hacker or miles monger you will do almost anything for more points. You’ll even go to 12 restaurants all in a day so that you can get more points on dining for the rest of the year. That’s what the dining dash is all about. Maximizing your earning potential as quickly as possible. I believe the idea was conceived by Chris Guillebeau or at least that’s who gave me the idea. This is my second year in a row to do all the dines in one day. Previously I did it in a couple days time or maybe a month. I think the more you get into travel hacking the more you want to earn points. It becomes an addiction to see how many points you can earn per day, month or year.

If you want to get 5x points for dining out here’s how it works.

  1. Sign up for the dining miles program of your choice (Alaska, Southwest, United etc)
  2. Register whatever card you want to use to pay for your dines, some of your cards might already get two or three times points for dining at any restaurant. But any little bump counts toward your next plane ticket or free hotel stay, right?! You can register more than one card in a program as well. The only caveat is that you can only be in one program at a time so pick the one you’ll use most that year.
  3. Look at the restaurant options in your area (most major cities)
  4. Eat out! You can buy a drink or a food item or both. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to get to 12 dines before you get 5x points for the rest of the year. So why not do this right after the calendar year changes?
  5. Look for other ways to earn points in the program. Some of the programs ask you to write reviews or do at least a dine the first month. Check out the details of your program and you could earn another 1,000 points on top of the points you earn for dining out.

Five easy steps! That’s pretty much it. For the rest of the year when you want to go out for happy hour or coffee, check to see what places you can go to to earn extra miles. Get your friends on board and have some fun with your dining dash!

Here’s some images from my 2017 dining dash…


Dining dash montage Dining dash gil's Dining dash genie's too Dining dash church Dining dash arcade

Get 5 times points on dining out by Roux Roamer