Let’s design your Instagram

What’s in an Instagram feed? You have a username, name, short bio, website link and images.

Create a good succinct bio. You only have so many characters so use them wisely. Have a bio that states what you’ll be posting, where you’re from and a way to contact you. If you have a website make sure you have that too. It’s the only clickable link you can have on IG. If you ever mention something in a post you can temporarily change the link to point to that blog post or product for sale.

Organize your pictures. It’s kind of like Tetris. You have to think about what you just posted and what you might want to post next. When someone pulls up your feed they’ll only see 9 photos so you want to always make sure those 9 photos look good in the grid. I hate it when I mess up and put two images that are similar right next to each other. Or maybe it’s two dark images and a light one or two really light ones and then a dark one. Those two images will distract your eye from the rest.

Two Pink Pics

I think it’s best to try to alternate colors or scenes. Something that gives your feed some visual interest without being distracting. On my feed I usually alternate more blue pictures with sunset or sunrise pictures or light then dark pictures.

My Account

Post your best work. Only post the best of the best. If you take a bunch of photos of a place, select your top ones and post those. You can space them out over a few days or a few weeks so that you can still keep your page really organized like I mention above. Remember, you only get 9 photos to show off what you can do. You want those photos to be interesting enough to draw them into the rest of your feed.

Pick a focus. Are you going to be a street photographer or a nature photographer. It’s usually best to pick one focus for your account. Some people base their accounts on tones. Some accounts have a really light tone to all their images and some have a very dark and moody tone. Some feeds have really vibrant images and some have really washed out, faded images. Some people only take pictures of birds or other animals. It’s good to have a consistent tone or focus on your account (see below). This is your niche. If you haven’t figured out what yours is yet, what do people like most on your page already? Where do you have the most comments or likes? What is it about that image or images that’s different than the others that don’t have as many likes?

Dark Images

Handshakesnhugz on Instagram

Formatting should be similar. If you post landscape or portrait pictures it now crops your thumbnails down to a square. But some people like to have white borders on all their photos.  It can also be a black border or something else that works for you and your photos. This can be done before you post your photo so that they all show up looking the same (see below).

Ben.pnw on Instagram

Ben.pnw on Instagram

How do you grow your Instagram account after you have all this stuff worked out? I wrote a post on that too!

Design your Instagram feed by Roux Roamer