How to grow your Instagram following

I’m not the best at following my own advice but when I do, my following grows. I hope that your following can grow too. I’ve compiled 5 simple tips that can help grow. If you need tips to design your page, that’s over on this post.

  1. Like a lot of photos. Like photos on tags that you use. (If you tag #portland, like photos in that hashtag.) Like a lot of them. Do this hourly (up to 350 an hour), daily or every other day. The more you do it, the more you grow.
  2. Comment on photos. Comments get noticed more than likes do. Go to those same hashtags that you use and not just like photos but make comments too, especially those photos that stop you in your tracks, that cause your jaw to drop a little. Let them know it with a comment. Everybody likes to be liked but they love when you give words of appreciation.
  3. Use hashtags. If the prior two tips don’t work for you because you don’t use any hashtags, start using them. It’s the way to be seen on Instagram (and Twitter). If you follow any feature pages (ex. @beautifuldestinations), use their hashtag (ex. #beautifuldesinations) on your photos for a chance to be featured. If you don’t follow any feature pages, you should! If you get featured you get more eyes on your work than just your own followers and fans. Important notes: You can use up to 30 hashtags per photo. The hashtags apply when you add the photo to Instagram, not when you add the hashtags.
  4. Follow people. If you like their work, follow them. If they follow you, follow them back, unless you really don’t like what they post. You are not required to follow anyone that follows you. You should follow what you find interesting. I hope that you’re posting photos that others find interesting as well 🙂 If you don’t care who you follow and want to get noticed by even more people just start following a bunch of accounts that also follow a page that you do (example @beautifuldestinations). You can follow up to 50 accounts in an hour (sometimes this changes with the version of IG). A lot of the people you follow will probably follow you back. If they don’t follow, a few days later you can go back and unfollow them. Repeat every few days or whenever you have time to follow then a couple days later unfollow. It’s kind of a fun way to see some new accounts.
  5. Look at your analytics. I mentioned above that you can unfollow those people that don’t follow you back. You can do this using Crowdfire on your phone or computer. You can see the best times of day to post, your most liked media, best filters, best hashtags you’ve used, popular hashtags, your most commented on media and so much more if you use Iconosquare (sadly it’s no longer free but just a couple dollars a month). Some other great analytics tools are Websta and Squarlovin (these are still free).

Squarlovin shows you the best times to post like this:SquarelovinTimesToPost

Websta stats look a little like this:


The first and best advice I can give you is post consistently. That means post your best work and post regularly. If you need help taking photos check out my book 20 tips for better photos. If you need help designing your IG page check this out. Good luck!

P.S. Feel free to follow along on my photo adventures.

P.P.S. See what I did there? Just above in the P.S.. It’s a a great thing to do on your other social media accounts and blog to get even more traffic to your Instagram page.