I often get asked about marketing for small business. Here’s 5 tips I give to them. I hope it helps you as your time is valuable, especially if you are a solorpreneur or entrepreneur.

  1. Prioritize. You don’t have time to manage all your accounts and run your business effectively when you first start so start small.
  2. Pick one. Limit your social media to just one or two channels. You can claim them all if you want to for your brand name but you don’t need to use them all. Consistency is key. For example I have @RouxRoamer on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. It’s also my website url and my flickr page name. I mostly spend my time on Instagram and Twitter. That’s where I like to play (join me if you like!) but I claimed the other channels so I can use them when I want to. I didn’t want someone else to use my brand name on another channel.
  3. Find your clients. Pick the channel where your clients are or the channel where you enjoy spending your time. As I mentioned above, for me, that’s Instagram and Twitter. You want to live what you do in your business but you also want to love being in that space too. You don’t want to resent it or flounder because it’s not fun.
  4. Master one platform. Be really good at one or two channels then move on from there or don’t. You don’t have to be everything to everyone. You need to please your ideal customer and that’s it. If you never have a Twitter account or Instagram account, that’s OK! If you hate Facebook don’t have a business page. You can be successful without having every social media platform. In fact, you can still be successful if you have none of them.
  5. List building is key! Use your social media channels to get your ideal clients on your mailing list. Think of social media as cold calling. Signing up for your mail list is them asking for you to call them. Deliver them value and when you sell to them it will be a no brainer because they already know and love you.

To recap:

Don’t waste your time on social media, go where your clients are.

If you don’t have anything important to say or can’t use the tool effectively there’s no point to it. You can work on your business in other ways.

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