For the love of travel!

I have read the article that says “don’t date a girl who travels”. I totally agree with most of what this article says except for the fact that I do have a husband and I do wear a watch (with two time zones!). I guess I should probably add that I am also pale, but because of the fact that I hate tanlines.

Today I see a response to this article, why you should date a girl who travels. Much more accurate for me.

To travel is to live. —Hans Christian Andersen

I am such a traveler. I live for travel! If I am not planning a trip or on a trip I am itching to do so. I love talking to people about travel. I love photographing my travels or “roaming moments” as I like to call them. I also love helping other people plan their adventures. I love convincing people that Cambodia should be on their bucket list if it isn’t already. And, I love working on my own bucket list which is quite extensive.

I am better because I travel

I think that because I travel, I am a better person. I feel that learning and being engulfed in another culture only adds to my love and acceptance of other people, at home and away. Life experiences in other cultures are priceless. These adventures are not something you can learn from reading a textbook or watching a show. The best adventures are experienced yourself. You can research something till your blue in the face but you won’t truly know it until you experience it for yourself.

I am smarter because I travel

My knowledge has expanded ten fold because I have been immersed in so many cultures. I’ve seen the ways in which people around the world live. Through these experiences I learned that having it all does not equal happiness. I can live with less and be ok with it. I don’t crave the “American Dream” because I don’t think that’s a one size fits all dream. It’s too conventional. Just as each country has a different feel to it so does every city and person. We are all unique and we all get to decide what is right for us. Who are we to tell someone in China that because they live in a cave with only one light bulb and a communal bathroom that they are less fortunate. We shouldn’t. Happiness comes from within. I am richer because of my experiences around the world not because of my bank account.

I am richer because I travel

Speaking of riches, you don’t even need that much money to have a wonderful experience overseas. One of my most memorable hotel rooms only cost $35 a night. Thanks to airline points one of my most memorable flights only cost $160 for two people! Where did that flight go you ask. United States to Siem Reap Cambodia, Phnom Penh to Manilla in the Philippines, on to Seoul, South Korea and back home. And then there was the unexpected detour to Bangkok and the planned detour to Laos in there too!

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow. —Anita Desai

My life wouldn’t be the same without travel. I am who I am because of all that I have experienced. People always ask me what makes me unique or what makes me more qualified than someone else. Me. That’s all. I have my own interesting background and experiences that I can offer. I am me, a roamer and adventure seeker! I am smart, fun, directionally gifted, self-sufficient and I love talking to strangers or as I say, future friends.

My husband loves all of this about me and accepts when I tell him I want to go backpacking in Europe by myself or boating on the Mekong with my girlfriends. The trick isn’t to avoid people who travel. Learn from them. It can make you a richer person too!

Travel brings power and love back into your life. —Rumi

We only have one life to live. Find out what lights you up and do it. Life is short.

Now…how to get paid to travel the world…

I always wanted Samantha Brown’s job.

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