About Me

Roux Roamer photo by Jake Egbert

Hi. I’m Melissa D. Jones otherwise known as Roux Roamer. I’m a traveler, photographer, artist, storyteller, foodie and creative entrepreneur. I live for adventure and new experiences. I’ve photographed my way around all 50 states and 47 countries (still counting!). Sharing adventures to help inspire a world with more roamers. When I’m not roaming the globe I very much enjoy what the Portland area has to offer with scenery and food.

Graduating from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Growing up I always wanted to be an artist and that’s exactly what I’ve done all my life. If it wasn’t drawing, it was teaching myself how to oil paint watching Bob Ross reruns or hand building ceramic bowls and mugs. If it’s an art, I’ve tried it, but I always comes back to my camera. My love of photography started at an early age with a pink 110 film camera. From there I graduated to 35mm where I learned how to develop my own film in middle school. After college I made the switch to digital.
After posting photos on Instagram I started getting requests from people that they wanted to see the scale of the landscapes so I started introducing my environmental self portraits. The ones with the red dress seem to make the most impact and those are the ones I’m most proud of. They tell the best stories. Or maybe it’s the stories behind the images that are the best.


“Melissa was fun, easy going and made me feel comfortable right away. She made it feel like we were friends and she hyped me up so I felt sexy and confidant.”


“Melissa made me feel so comfortable, even though this was my first boudoir shoot. She made me feel more comfortable by showing more skin and her angles and pictures of me were amazing!”


“Melissa was gentle with her positioning and suggestions. She made my first shoot amazing! Love her. She was amazing!”

Let’s make something BEAUTIFUL together


Portland, OR


melissa (at) rouxroamer . com