Roux Roamer photo by Jake Egbert

You’ve got a story to tell and I want to help you do it!

I can help you improve your brand and be proud of your image, knowing that you look as professional and polished as you actually are. You and your business should reflect your uniqueness. Let me help you tell that story but first a story of my own.

I’m Melissa D. Jones, and I’m the Roux Roamer.

I’m a woman with wanderlust. I specialize in adventure travel, storytelling, brand photography and e-book design—creativity is my superpower!

And it all started with a pink camera, a gift from my parents.

I was 7 when I took my first flight across the U.S. to Boston. I remember the hearty meal and the pretty dishes and silverware on the flight. The flight attendants were fancy and nice. I was so proud of the wing pin they gave me that it was weeks before I took it off!

I carried that new, pink camera everywhere, snapping shots of the glorious old and new architecture, the lines of the masts of the boats on the harbor, real-live fireflies against the white snow, and the vibrant colors of the amazing Children’s Museum.

It was a whole new world and so vastly different than where I lived. I loved it, and I can confidently pinpoint that as the beginning of my passion for travel, photography, and brilliant design.

My design philosophy has evolved a lot since I was that 7-year old girl, clutching her pink camera. My travel journeys have since taken me to 45 countries (and counting…). I acquired degrees in graphic design and psychology, too. Working with and learning from marketing and design experts and academics — from small startups to large institutions — taught me that pretty design is better than ugly design, but brilliant design solves problems.

You see, design can be anything from the photos you hang on the way to the portrait you use of yourself on your website to your social media. It can also be the story you tell in a book or the way you design your next vacation. All of these are problems that I’d love to help you with!

Storytelling is what I do for you (and me too).

I no longer own that pink camera, but it did lead me to where I am today—doing work that I love as a location-independent designer, helping others create brilliant images to achieve their business’ goals and dreams.

I would love to partner with you to create professionally designed images from top to bottom. You’ll be proud of your new look and the new business you are bringing in, leading to (even more) business success. And your clients or customers will be happy, too. Yeah! Who doesn’t want happy clients?! Let me help you, help them!

To learn more about how we can work together, please visit my Work With Me page. And if you’re ready to upgrade your business’ presence, email me at info {at} rouxroamer {dot} com. I’d like to help make your materials as awesome as you are!

If you’d like to know even more about me and my work, please check out my portfolio and my blog. I post a lot of free content—like how to improve your own photographyhow to set up your own website or how to use your location independence and work on the road—to help you and your business succeed!

At the end of the day (and this page), I want to help you and your business look brilliant.

Much love! — Melissa

P.S. You can view samples of design, branding, marketing, portraits and landscapes on my portfolio.

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