How do you get to Africa, I’ve been asked? Well it’s a long way from the west coast of the U.S. About 30 hours of transit time. I claimed an award ticket to go. $150 round trip, including my stopover in Zanzibar.


What did you do when you got there is usually the next question I get asked.

Shortly after our arrival in Nairobi, we went on an amazing safari. I talk a bit about that in my last post. Mainly, you get to see some pretty pictures.

After the safari, we flew over to Zanzibar through Addis Ababa (capitol of Ethiopia) as there aren’t really, many, direct flights in Africa. I think that’s why I wasn’t so worried about ebola. It’s hard to get from the east to the west without first going through Europe. It’s quite a different airline system than we are used to in the United States.


Zanzibar is famous for it’s beaches. It’s also well known for the slave and spice trade. We learned about both of these in Stone Town. We didn’t spend too much time on the beach as we weren’t there very long. As a redhead, I also burn easily, so the beach isn’t my first choice of places to hang out. I much prefer learning more about a place by wandering and talking to the locals than I do laying by the water reading a book.

Irish genetics, adventurous soul. Yup, that’s me.

Stone Town reminded me a lot of Venice with it’s carless small alleys. I really enjoyed getting lost in the city and roaming the alleys with my camera. There are so many cool doors to photograph and so many cool street scenes to see.

Alleys of Adventure in Zanzibar

If in Zanzibar City aka Stone town, make sure you visit the spice markets and bring home some delicious packets to wow your friends; Drink some coffee, have some drinks at sunset at a rooftop bar, wander through the night markets with food vendors, eat Indian food and wade in the turquoise water.

To leave Zanzibar, we thought we would take the ferry. But then we found out about some airlines that charge just a bit more than the ferry and you get yourself to the airport in Dar es Saalam way quicker. Plus, it’s a small plane so you basically feel like a co-pilot enjoying the view of the island and beautiful water as you fly.

Copilot in Zanzibar

ZNZ>DAR>JNB bringing the total airport count to 9. Whew!

Quick word of advice on DAR. The domestic airport that you fly into is not connected to the international airport. It’s a long walk or a short cab ride away. In other words, don’t get rid of all your cash before leaving Zanzibar or make friends on the short flight.

Next up: Road trip in South Africa, complete with a stop over in Lesotho. Also, adventures in Cape Town!

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