Why do I prefer Asian or European Airlines over domestic when flying overseas?

I love the service and the amenities so much more on Airlines outside the U.S. Flying coach is like flying in business class except for maybe a few inches of leg room. You get foot rests, your own TV screen with several channels to watch a movie when YOU want to watch it (or not watch it). You can even play video games or listen to music. You also get eye masks and ear plugs if you ask for them. You get meals and blankets! Yes, I said blankets as in more than one if you ask. Otherwise you just get one. Oh my! Another fun part, free alcohol.

Now let’s combine the service and the alcohol part. One time I asked for vodka and orange juice. I was kind enough to omit the screwdriver reference so there was no insult or confusion. She told me she had to come back in a few minutes if that was OK. The stewardess comes back 15 minutes later and apologized for not coming back sooner. She asks if I want it mixed or separate. I said whatever is easiest. She comes back quickly with a cup of orange juice and a cup of vodka. I was floored and thought I’m going to need some more orange juice! Or, better yet, I’m going to need to make some more friends on this flight.

One time I was even so lucky as to get a free business class flight. Wow! Even that is an upgrade from the states “business” or “first” class. If only the seat wasn’t so comfortable I may have enjoyed more awake time.


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