It’s been awhile since we’ve had a story in the Women with Wanderlust series, so here’s one by Amy Scott. She’s a nomad and world traveler. I had the pleasure of meeting her through the World Domination Summit a few years ago (and currently happening now, my favorite time of year!). I think you’ll enjoy her story and all of her resources.

Becoming a nomad

I spent years feeling frustrated with my limited vacation time, and in my late 20s finally had the stroke of inspiration to save money, quit my job, and travel around the world. On that trip in 2004–2005, I met lots of other travelers who’d found creative ways to make travel more of a focus in their lives, from a British woman I met in Thailand who’d vowed to never spend another winter in London to an American man who’d spent years bouncing around Asia teaching English.

By the time I got home nine months later, I knew I needed to find a way to continue seeing the world, and the last thing I wanted to do was go back to an office. I was able to take my experience in book publishing and start working as a freelance editor, and life has never been the same.

I’ve spent the last 10 years traveling and living abroad, taking my work with me wherever I go. I ignored the well-meaning advice from friends to stay home until I met someone, and actually ended up meeting my husband in 2009 while I was living in Buenos Aires. Now, we’re on the road together, and over the last few years have spent anywhere from a few days to a few months exploring 10 countries and counting.

If you are thinking of the nomad life Amy has a ton of resources, check out her site Nomadtopia. She even has a podcast! Here’s the episode where she interviewed me.