Helping and being of service vs. finishing the product

Have you ever been let go before a project is done? Or the project was canceled because of nothing you did? Did it leave you feeling like a bit upset? I know this has happened to me. I really get into my projects so to not be able to finish them can be a let down. I just have to remember that I am here to serve my clients and if they are not ready to finish their projects, it’s not about me, it’s about the project. I was there to help and serve. That time may come to an end sooner than I would have liked but I gave it my all when I was working.

It’s just a reminder to me and everyone else, that it may not be me or you, it may just be that the project is over. No one is to blame. No hard feelings should be had. You created something and it didn’t work or the timing wasn’t right. It doesn’t mean you aren’t skilled or helpful. It’s possible the client/customer got everything they needed just by the work that you did together. You don’t have to have a finished project to get what you need out of working with someone. Sometimes you just need to co-create with someone for awhile to learn that maybe you need to do something else or you need a break and you’ll resume again later. Life notoriously has plans for us that we don’t see coming. Just be of service when you can be.