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Boudoir Sessions with Roux Roamer

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy on her own terms. I’d love to help each woman I work with create that image of herself, whether to boost self confidence or share the photos with that special someone. Consider this photo session an act of self-love and a way to love your body right here and now. We will work closely together and showcase your best features and assets. This session is ALL ABOUT YOU…This is your special time.

Each boudoir photo session includes refreshments and wardrobe consultation. We’ll shoot you in 3 outfits of your choosing, going from most covered to most revealing. Each client is different in their comfort level, but I guarantee you’ll feel pampered and special with just a little warm up! I know that the details matter. I’ll make sure your hair looks amazing, that your tags aren’t showing, your straps aren’t twisted and your necklace is straight.

I will guide you through thoughtful poses to enhance your best features and make sure you get photos that make you feel beautiful. I want to enhance your natural beauty as much as possible. To do that I will also make use of professional lighting. The editing I do will be minimal to showcase that you are beautiful just the way you are. You may request more involved touch ups on certain areas, and I can accomplish that with a slight edit in photoshop.

Please let me know your favorite areas of your body and why… Boobs? Butt? Eyes? Hands? Also, let me know any areas you might not want to feature front and center and why? Do you have a favorite side? Do you have any inspirational poses that you saw and must emulate?

$325 Session fee. 75 minutes. 3-4 outfits. You can bring more outfits and we’ll narrow them down together.

Includes 2 free images. Extra images are $50 each. 6 images for $200.

Discounted group rates, get two people and get $25 off, get four people and get $75 off. The discount can be applied to just your session or spread out among you and your friends.

Location TBD. My suggestion? Continue pampering yourself (or use it as an excuse for a date night) with a fancy hotel room or AirBnb. You’ll feel so confident and sexy after our boudoir shoot, you’ll be glowing. The perfect excuse for a night on the town. 

Let’s talk Boudoir! 


>>> Get one friend to make a deposit and get a third edit for free, two confirmed bookings and you’ll have a total of four edits from your session. You can mix and match those for prints and digital if you wish. Refer more amazing ladies and we’ll bank those edits for a future session.

>>> Pajama party boudoir. Same location, same day. Between two to four girls. Everyone gets an hour. 4 edits for hostess. Every other woman gets 3 edits.

>>> Girls night out. Two girls, two outfits and 30 minutes each. $400 for the hour. Each beautiful woman gets two digital edits. One of those could be a photo together. Half off third edit.

>>> Pajama party boudoir. $600 for a 2 hour session, 6 girls, one outfit, everyone edit and one group edit. Additional hour or an additional person is $150 each.

+$100 to use my space


“Melissa was fun, easy going and made me feel comfortable right away. She made it feel like we were friends and she hyped me up so I felt sexy and confidant.”


“Melissa made me feel so comfortable, even though this was my first boudoir shoot. She made me feel more comfortable by showing more skin and her angles and pictures of me were amazing!”


“Melissa was gentle with her positioning and suggestions. She made my first shoot amazing! Love her. She was amazing!”

Let’s make something BEAUTIFUL together


Portland, OR


melissa (at) rouxroamer . com