What better way to spend your anniversary than tasting your way through Kentucky and the Bourbon trail?!

My least favorite part of the trip started and ended in the Knoxville airport. Upon arrival we were locked in with no one in sight as the airport was shut down for the evening. Fifteen minutes later a security guard comes to the rescue to force open the broken rotating door. Fast forward 5 days later and I was harassed about the liquids in my bag and the fact that I went to Kentucky. I’ve never had this much trouble going through security and being threatened to have my “legal” liquids taken away because I didn’t put them in the bin.

Now, that we have the bad out of the way let’s focus on the good. The Bourbon trail consists of six distilleries and 70 miles of driving. The first day we made it to Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey and Four Roses. We even added Buffalo Trace which wasn’t on the trail but equally exciting. Did you know Buffalo Trace makes organic Vodka? Also, you should plan for a ghost tour of the distillery at night. I found out too late to plan for it. You can also do a more in depth behind the scenes tour at a lot of the distilleries if you book ahead of time.

Day 2 consisted of Maker’s Mark, Heaven Hill and Jim Beam. I had not even heard of Heaven Hill before looking into the trail and I certainly didn’t know how many products come out of their distillery. What a fun leaning adventure we had on the trail. It was great driving around the countryside of Kentucky and Tennessee. It’s beautiful, very green with rolling hills and tons of trees.

In Tennessee we found a couple wonderful restaurants. Nashville even felt a little like home with Portland Brew coffee. The service even reminded us of some places in Portland. Calypso Cafe served up some great carribean bbq and cornbread. And Jeni’s ice cream is amazing! It’s what every dairy eating adult should eat for dessert. I mean, who doesn’t like pad thai, avocado or spicy chocolate ice cream?! In the pouring rain we discovered the Sunpot in Knoxville. It was just that! Great service, food and presentation! We couldn’t have asked for a better escape from the rain.

When in Kentucky you must visit the bourbon trail. If you dont like bourbon it’s still very fun and historic! If you do love bourbon, like I do, you’ll like it even more!

Our visit to Tennessee was not complete without enjoying the music scene, Parthenon, Opryland hotel, waffle house and the naked people statute. Yes, you heard that right. Go ahead and google it.

Looking forward to my next sunny destinations even if I’ve already been there. I enjoy sunny escapes from the Oregon grey, not to be confused with Christian Grey.

19 states and counting…