We’re all striving for good brand recognition

A good brand is awesome but having brand recognition by your clients and potential clients is even better. It’s when you know you’ve made it…or something like that.

I’d say, you know you’ve created a good brand when people can recognize it without seeing the name.

Can you recognize this store?


What about this store front?

Empty Store

I’m guessing you can! This is why it’s so important to use the same colors, fonts and brand elements in all your materials so you can have brand recognition, where people will be able to recognize you (or your business) even if they don’t see the name. Maybe it’s a shirt, business card, sign or store front. You want people to recognize you in another land like Taiwan (where the first image was taken). You won’t start a brand that is immediately recognizable like these are but you can to grow into it. Who doesn’t want to be like Nike when they grow up? Or the megastore brand in this second image?