…a first impression

When you go on a first date you wear something that makes you look your finest or something that makes you feel good. You may have tried on several outfits to find just the right thing for you.

When you interview for a job you do these same things because we all know that first impressions matter. The first few seconds we make an impression about someone and it can be hard to change it after that, in fact it might be impossible.

Does your business dress the part for a first impression? Does your branding look and feel good to you? Does it feel good when other people look at it or is it dressed in a suit from 1990 (outdated designs) or something second hand (Fiverr or 99 designs)?

For clothing you want to wear things that light you up, that make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow. You don’t want to wear the wrong color for your complexion or your eye color. You want to complement them. Just like you want your future clients to get a spark or sparkle when they connect with you and your brand or even just your business card. You are looking for an authentic connection. You want to help someone so you need to make the effort to show that matters to you.

I hope that you are dressing your brand as you would for a first date or for an important interview or meeting. After all, dressing the part is 90% of the battle. The rest is easy. You can almost act your way into anything. So why not dress the part of an awesome business? It’s never too late to play dress up or court your next clients with your fancy new brand or logo.

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about courting your creativity like you are dating as well. You dress in pajamas having not showered for days and inspiration probably isn’t happening. If you get showered and dressed in your finest inspiration can reward you for dressing the part.

Dress your brand for the part you want in the world.