Branding process

What’s my branding process?

Great question! I’m not just a graphic designer, I’m a Creative Guide and Marketing Consultant.

To begin the branding process, I have a list of questions I will ask about you and your business. Answering these questions will give me a better idea of what you are looking for. It will help me know the problem you are trying to solve. Is it just a logo? Is it just a business card? Is it both? These questions and more get us both on the same page about your wants and needs.

For the logo, I follow up with questions about what you like, what you don’t like, who’s your competition and more. From there, I start to think about all of your answers and research your industry, audience and competitors. This research and thought process can take several hours even when I’m not actively engaged in front of the computer. When I do logo’s they are always on my mind, thinking, looking around the city, sketching, writing and finally getting to the design.

I’ll send you some variations that I think will work. If you love it, we’ll be done! Yahoo! If you don’t love it, you’ll be able to make comments and we’ll work together to resolve any issues. I’ll present revised proofs and we’ll go from there! At the end, you will own all the files, the rights and have everything that you need to scale the logo as big or as small as you want it (not just a jpeg for your website). It will be professional and uniquely you! A logo is a huge investment in your business and, if done well, will stick with you for years.

If you’re on a super tight budget or you don’t want to do this deep brand discovery, I may not be the best person to do this for you. I really want people that are willing to invest time and money into doing it right the first time.

If you like what I’m all about and understand that important, creative work takes time, we may be a good match to work together. I’d love to find out more about you! Let’s chat. If we’re a match, I’ll go on this branding journey with you to discover your unique brand personality or level up your existing brand.

Common questions and answers:

You are in Portland, can we still work together?

Yes, we will hop on the phone, Google Hangouts or Skype. Most of my clients are not actually in Portland and we correspond mostly through email or phone. I’ve set up my life and my business to be location independent and able to work from anywhere in the world.

Why do you charge more than e-lance or 99designs?

I offer custom, one of a kind brand discovery. It’s not just a quick two hour process. It’s a process that takes about 4-6 weeks. I like to take time together. I really focus my energy to give you something that is uniquely you and hopefully something that will stay with you and your business for years to come.  I also give you all the files that will enable you to go to any other designer or web developer in the future to continue doing work. That is of course, should you choose to go elsewhere. What I really hope to do is foster trust and a relationship so that we can continue working together, long term.

What kind of files do you give me?

I will give you the original vector files from Illustrator (ai or eps) and other variations like jpeg and png for website use. You’ll be able to use the vector files to print your logo as big as you want and it will never look pixilated (blurry).

Do you give me anything besides the logo in your packages?

I like to give you a simple brand guide that shows how you will use your logo in color and in black and white. I also like to break down all the colors for you in the different color spectrum’s (RGB, CMYK and Hex). I also like to include business cards. If you don’t need business cards, then some other piece of collateral can be done instead.

I already have an awesome logo, could I just do the brand discovery part (ideal client, vision, mission, values)?

Yes, we can just do the brand discovery work with your current, well designed logo.

Do you do other design work outside of branding packages?

Yes, depending on the number of branding clients I have, I will take on other projects such as posters, postcards, newsletters and web graphics.

Can you design my website?

Yes, I can help make your website pretty but if you want a lot of custom coding I’d suggest we work with a web developer.

Do you do illustrations?

I do, but I prefer to refer you to someone that specializes in that kind of computer work.