Finally taking my saver reward adventure to Cambodia, Laos, Phillippines and Korea. We flew into Siem Reap. Only problem was the route (because of my late booking): EUG SFO SEA ICN REP. The trip here wasn’t the quickest but it only cost $80 (and 65,000 miles). Between ICN and REP, insert detour to BKK. Oh the joys of flight delays! We were delayed in Seattle and missed our connection in Seoul. We were offered a hotel in downtown Seoul with BLD but we would arrive in Siem Reap 24 hours after we should have. After some persistence for another option we were presented with a first class flight to Bangkok, a night in a hotel and an earlier arrival in Siem Reap. Yes, please. We’ll take it!

I’ve been to Siem Reap Cambodia before but it was my husbands first trip. First stop on vacation was to introduce him to the market, then get some amazing food and a $6 massage at Seeing Hands. We’re off to a great start! We finish the day with a sunset tour of Angkor Wat and more great food.

The next day starts with sunrise at Angkor Wat followed by a day of temples. If you’ve never been to the temples, you should go. it’s so hard to describe their presence. There are no words. They are beautiful reminders of the past and what can be accomplished. The stone itself is beautiful, it’s hard to imagine the color it used to have.

Temple from the top

Local flavor

Another great memory I had of Cambodia was the Amok. It’s like a curry but different. As they say in Asia “same same but different”. It’s rich in flavor and in texture. Sugar Palm has a wonderful slow cooked coconut filled with Amok. Cooking in this way leaves a french onion soup type of topping. You think you couldn’t possibly be full after eating just a small coconut full but it is so rich and filling, you almost consider not eating it all.

The next day we relaxed by the pool with a $3 pitcher of beer and some wonderful food at River Garden. To get there we rented bikes. This was a somewhat scary and exhilarating experience. Lots of motos zooming by but no real bike lanes so you just go with the flow. A hard thing for me to do sometimes.

Our last adventure in Cambodia was a cooking class. This was awesome. You get to learn how to cook two of your favorite dishes then you get to eat them. A wonderful experience.


Time to go to Laos!

The bus rides in Asia are a unique adventure on their own. Always plan on seeing some fun stuff and having a longer ride than you expected. The border crossing into Laos also reminded me that we aren’t in Kansas. Fees and corruption abound. Your $35 Visa turns into $41 after you pay for two stamps, the writing of the Visa and the guy who gets it for you.

Long bus ride and a boat ride and we end up at 4,000 islands in the dark, trying to find a place to stay because no one has a website or takes reservations in advance. A planners nightmare. But a good lesson in learning to go with the flow.

Flow…something I like but need to learn how to do better.

Stay tuned for Laos adventures.


The best of Siem Reap Cambodia