I think with one small change we could change the world!

Recently on a run I was getting to know one of the other runners. She asked if I used to run. I told her a long time ago but in the past couple years I have picked it back up. She then asked if I had been a runner in the Olympics. I was astounded! I told her I had not, but what a great compliment! She said I had the perfect runners body. Wow! Much appreciated.

Kids can be cruel

Thinking back, the thing I heard most when I used to run in middle school and high school was “you’re too skinny”. There were several other insulting comments like: “You have chicken legs.” “You must have an eating disorder.” “You have a gap between your legs, that’s not normal.” You are too tall and skinny.” “You must have a tapeworm.” So cruel for a kid that had skinny genetics, loved to eat broccoli (and other health food) as well as being really active.

A compliment could change a life

What if instead of hearing all those insults in school I heard more compliments, like; “You are so gifted at running your should train for the Olympics.” Or “You have a runners body, what have you thought about doing with that?” I may not have ever tried for the Olympics — or dreamed of it — but I could see how this could change a life. Instead of slouching to appear shorter, wearing baggy clothes to cover up being thin and stopping running because I was klutzy, I may have had a higher opinion of myself and my future life.

It took me years to want to wear fitted clothes or even feel comfortable in them. It took me even longer until I wanted to wear skinny jeans. It wasn’t until now that I’ve really embraced the body that I was given and realized where my body issues came from.

I would love to change this for all women and men with body issues, but if I can change it for even a couple people that would be amazing. Maybe this could trickle down to our most impressionable youth. Imagine what the world would be like with more positive thinkers. A world without body issues. I could only dream that it will come one day.

Compliments don’t even have to be about running. Give someone a compliment on their earrings or their crosswords skills. If you see something you like, tell them. Let’s be contagious and infectious with positivity!

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Please share this with any one you think could benefit from my story. Also, feel free to comment if you’ve had a similar experience. The more sharing we do, the more healing we can do.

Cheers to acceptance and moving on!

P.S. A great way to see a city is to join a community running group. You learn your way around and you get exercise doing it. Check out meet up or Facebook for your local running clubs. If you’re lucky like me, you live in a city with almost one a day.

Your body Your rules