Save the cheerleader, save the world!…I mean…change your design, change the world. Ok…how about…

Change the world with good design

I think that good design can change your day, your week, your business, maybe even the world. I think that design can make things easier. If you have to fiddle with something for a long time just to figure it out, you probably think the instructions are bad. It could be poor instructions or poor product design. If you have to hunt for information on a flyer, I’d say that’s poor design too. I can’t stand when a business that has a store front doesn’t have their hours posted at their location or on their website. How do I know when to visit? I think I’d much rather check out a different store than hope I can catch you when you’re open.

In business you have to design you ideal customer interaction from first touch to last. Everything they touch in your business should be a good experience. If it’s not quite there yet, maybe you’re working on it and that’s ok too. Just remember that you can design your interactions not just on your website or printed materials, everything. Make sure it’s good and they’ll keep coming back to you.

If your business is changing the world by what it’s doing and it has good design…look out! You have the best combination there is.

Remember, the next time you don’t want to spend money on your business and try to be cheap that no one wants to buy cheap. They want the iPhone not the knock off. They want quality. Give them the good stuff!