I get a lot of comments on my Instagram photos but here’s some of the most common questions and my answers. I hope you’ll enjoy. Maybe you’ve heard it all before or maybe you’ll learn something new.

Is your favorite color red?

No, it’s not and probably never will be. It’s the color of my brand that I picked based off the name (my alias Roux Roamer). Not everyone knows what Roux means when they see my business card or my photos but the red color might give them a better clue.

I’m also a huge lover of contrast. I like contrasting colors and I love when things pop out because they are a little out of the ordinary. I get a lot of comments on my fancy red dress in nature. I also get a lot of comments that they want the same red dress. Like all branding advice I give, I recommend people be true to themselves and stay unique. Having the same dress as me isn’t unique to you. I want you to be you!

Why Roux?

Red is the natural color of my hair despite the fact that it’s getting darker (with highlights :(). And I think if you’ve been around for awhile you’d know why I didn’t go with “Red” Roamer.

How do you take the Instagram photos with you in it?

I have a really handy app on my phone that connects to my camera with wifi. This app called camera connect lets me see a live view so that I can position myself appropriately in the shot. I like to set up all my own shots with my tripod. I don’t like giving that creative license to someone else that might cut off my feet or put me on the left when I really wanted to be on the right. Most photographer friends of mine will take great photos but they might also have a vision of their own that’s different than mine. If my remote trigger is not working on certain occasions or the shot is a moving one, I’ll still set it all up and ask someone to push the shutter for me with specific instructions to not move the camera or exactly where I want to be in the frame.

The other cool thing about the app is that I can change all my settings on it. I don’t have to run back to the camera to redo the exposure or shutter speed. I just use a 2 or 10 second delay so that I can hide my phone.

Do you hike in that red dress or red shoes?

I can walk in high heeled shoes. In fact I own several pairs of high heels including some 5″ ones. I used to wear them all the time to my office job to spice up my boring suits. I used to be knows as the red shoe girl as that’s a pair I wore often. It’s not the same pair that’s featured in my Instagram photos. I may own several pairs of red shoes 🙂 I told you, I’m a fan of contrast.

I do sometimes wear my red dress in the car or to get out to certain spots for a photo. I did wear my red dress as I climbed on top of the famous Iceland plane or #thatPNWbus. I have worn it to climb on top of or in waterfalls. I’ve worn it to climb out on logs or even shorter hikes (1/2 mile). I don’t wear it on longer hikes (1 mile or more) as it just gets way too warm. Plus, I sometimes trip and I don’t need a long red dress to make that even worse.

Is it a composite of more than one photo?

Almost always I am taking one shot with me in it. There are times that I have to retouch the sky with another darker exposure but I really try to take all my photos in one shot. Yes, I can sit still for 2 seconds on the long exposures. Sometimes I might be holding my breathe but I’m still there in the shot. I know that sometimes it’s hard to imagine a girl in a dress standing in a square that’s snowing or standing on a beach of ice but I’ve done it. All for the shot. My perfect shot. Not for anyone else. I try not to overly process my photos either. I really like it to look like how I remember the scene.

Instagram Q and A with Roux Roamer