Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for RouxRoamer.com

Each project shall have its own contract.

Project Fees — projects are undertaken on a per project fee following submission of a Pre-Project Questionnaire and contract signing.

Initial FREE 30 minute consultations are scheduled within 24 hours of Designer receiving your completed Pre-Project Questionnaire.

There is a 50% commitment fee up front on all approved projects following consultation. 50% Remainder due halfway through agreement period and before any final work files are delivered.

Payments are made by mailing a check or by using a credit card online (subject to fee). Project does not commence until initial payment has been received. When payment has been made, client should email notification to Designer.

Late Invoice Payments — late payment on invoice incurs 1.5% surcharge of total invoice amount on 15th day after invoice issue date. On 15th day, if payment hasn’t been received client is billed new invoice with 1.5% surcharge of initial invoice.

Key client deliverables and expectations will be detailed in writing by me and sent to client for approval following the 30 minute consultation and project sign off being received by me.

Any additional time outside of pre-determined project scope will be billed separately. This will be communicated to you by email and will require your email approval for me to proceed with any additional time or project work.

The fee stated on the contract is the fee you will be invoiced for the project unless project scope is increased. Anything outside the scope of the project or added on will be charged by the hour.

Any additional consultative time — email, Skype, phone is billed separately.

Response time to email inquiries is a maximum of 24 hours with the exception of deadlines, and urgent requests where I am available in line with previously agreed timeframe.

Email only communication for all projects – no detailed project discussion or approvals accepted via social media platform.

Social engagement and communication is acceptable via social media – no response times are guaranteed, as this is personal time.

100% responsibility from both parties — Client must communicate needs, expectations, etc. Designer will execute and communicate.

Designer does not provide any written action sheets and does not chase your actions to progress the projects.

Licenses/Registered rights discussed per project basis