I have so much to give and I don’t know where to give it…

Convergence is very hard for me when it comes to business. I love helping people and I would love the freedom a business venture could give me but I have no idea what that business would be. I could be a consultant in the blink of an eye but for what? What do I have of value that you want?

I have struggled with these questions for far too long. I don’t feel it should be this hard but it is for me. I can help others find their passion and tell them what to do but for the life of me I draw a blank when thinking about myself and what best to do for my own business venture.

People ask me about vacation destinations, hotels and things to do. People ask me where to eat or what to see in a certain city. I know all this stuff because I enjoy knowing it and if I don’t I look it up.

Planning a trip to Vietnam? I can tell you the name of a reputable taxi company that won’t take you the long way to your hotel and many more useful and fun tidbits.

People always tell me I dress nice. I enjoy shoes and dressing nice because it makes me feel nice and I like to present myself that way to others. And maybe I do stand out a little because I wear red shoes or yellow shoes! I’m not afraid of color or mixing it. I draw on my art background to know that yellow and purple are complimentary colors and look nice together. I know that an all black suit is too dark and not as fun and sassy as I am so I pair it with bright pink shoes. I suppose that my dress matches my personality. Although, some would say I could use a little more fun in my life.

Do you need help figuring out what to wear with what even if they aren’t name brand clothes? Who helps you? Can I?

I like to encourage people to be green or to eat healthier. I like to share what I know about being green, eating healthy and exercising. I feel all those things are important for people to know. Especially since cancer runs in my family. I like to spread all those things I’ve researched to anyone who will listen and wants to make a difference in their own life.

Green smoothie a day, yep, thats me!

I like taking photos, especially of my travels. I like writing and talking about all things travel. I would say travel has to be my favorite topic of all. I live to travel. I love to travel and I love helping others to travel. I think travel opens your eyes to things you may never experience here in the US. I feel that travel has made me a better person and a better photographer.

Marketing, I’m good at that too, except for when it comes to marketing my own skills. Marketing is what I do professionally but may not be what that second venture is primarily about. But I know it will come in handy!

What do I want for myself: to make the world a better place. I want to help others. I want to travel more. I want more freedom and more security. I don’t want to depend on others for those things, that to me is not secure or free.

Someday, I hope that something I’m doing leads me to the business venture I’ve always wanted. Something that makes me say “hell yeah!” Side gig, part time, full time, the “hell yeah” factor is what I’m looking for.

If you’re still looking, I wish you the best. If you’ve found it, that’s awesome!