From Spain we headed to Copenhagen, Denmark in order to take the ferry into Oslo, Norway for the “end of the world” party. (More on that in the “Oslo” post.)

Copenhagen was much colder than Spain and much colder than Oregon with the chilly wind. It’s also much more expensive in the Scandinavian countries than the rest of Europe. I wasn’t quite prepared for that. I did enjoy my egg, bacon and beet smoothie breakfast but I didn’t enjoy spending $15 for it. Eek! But if you do go to Copenhagen, I do highly recommend the Next Door Cafe. The breakfast was great. The owner was from LA and he was very helpful. It was a nice escape from the cold.

One recommendation from our new friend, Skylar, was to take a boat trip around Copenhagen so that you can see the views from the canals. It’s beautiful to see all the colorful houses and boats reflected on the water. It’s also a great way to learn about the history of the city with the guided tour. We hopped off in Christiania to see the ever popular “green light district”. Of course I can’t show you any photos because those aren’t allowed. It was an interesting walk through.

We saw the mermaid! She is smaller than I was expecting. I guess when I have seen her as the picture of “Copenhagen” she is always sitting alone so you never really get to see her scale. She’s about life size to your smaller than average American girl. Fun to see but not as impressive as seeing those more than life size paintings in an art museum (like the Louvre).

Our Couch Surfing host was pretty awesome. She made us bread and cookies. She even let us come to her home in the middle of the night when we arrived. I must say, that it’s a cool way to connect with the location you are staying at. I love learning the lay of the land from a local. I also love getting their food recommendations or where the the cool spots are that aren’t in the tourist books.

Cheers to CouchSurfing!