Become an international success not a faux pas

How Design recently posted about Visual Faux Pas and Cultural Awareness. It’s a great article on a topic that I often think about: travel and design.

Travel makes you a better human.

I believe that travel makes you a better human being because you get to break down those stereotypes, you get to see other cultures first hand, have new experiences and so much more. It opens your eyes to another world, literally and figuratively. I think it breaks down barriers to see things from a different perspective because you’ve been there, you’ve lived it. You understand that we don’t all speak, act or live the same. You respect the differences and learn to really appreciate them (at least this is true for me). If you’re like me you might even seek out those places that are most different than home just to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone that much more!

If travel abroad is not in your budget. I have tips for that (in a book!). But if you really don’t want to go abroad try considering local, cultural events. They are proven to make you happier.

Travel makes you a better designer.

I feel travel also makes me a better designer. You may not be targeting an international audience but if you post on social media, you never know where your posts will end up. If you want to be crazy successful, especially as an entrepreneur, chances are you will have a client base outside one area of the globe. Being an online business you don’t have to have those walls or barriers that you can if you have a coffee shop on the corner. Not to say that that coffee shop can’t also be an international success. Without those walls or barriers you should make sure that your posts can and should be shared with an international audience.

To be an international success¬†in different places around the globe you’ll need to know what can be culturally offensive. What colors, fonts or sayings aren’t going to work. Because I’ve traveled more than your average joe, I think that gives me an advantage over some other designers.

Let me know if I can bring my international travel expertise to your next design project.

Good design makes you happier. Let’s spread the joy!