What’s in a design portfolio?

When I ask what do you want to know about a designer before you hire them, the number one answer I get is, “I want to see their portfolio.” Why is it that people then use online sites where a portfolio isn’t provided? Weird.

What does a designer’s portfolio tell you about them?

It can show you if they have skills in design. It can show you the breadth or the focus of their work. In my opinion, you should not really see a “style” because to me that would mean that all my clients were similar. My style and my designs are not about me, I am the vehicle to the solution. My designs are about you and your business.

If I had to pick my style?

I would say clean and professional.

What do you see in a designer’s portfolio?

When looking at a portfolio you are seeing the end product/solution to a problem. Without knowing the problem, you may not understand why that was the right solution. It may be a good design but it’s not a solution that will work for your problem. You may not see a solution that will work for you, as your solution should be unique to you and your problem. Each problem is probably not unique but you are and how you want to solve the problem will be. Your branding or design should reflect that.

It’s cheap enough, I didn’t think I needed to see anything…

I know it’s only a small fee you can pay on some sites (like $5)  but you are still wasting your time if you don’t get what you want on the first, second or even third go around. If you haven’t seen a portfolio, I hope you have a referral. I hope you invest in your business as you would want someone to invest in yours.