I’ve been to two Dishcrawl events in Portland and they are awesome. Think pub crawl with food.

You start the evening at one restaurant where they serve you a small plate of food. The chef or owner then comes out to talk to you about the restaurant and the food they are showcasing. After grazing and visiting with your fellow crawlers you walk to the next restaurant where you dig in to what they are serving. You end up going to a total of four restaurants over a four hour period of time. You get three small dinners and a dessert! What a great way to spend an evening with new friends and foodies.

On my first Dishcrawl we went to Las Primas, Dalo’s Ethiopian Kitchen, Oro di Napoli and What’s the Scoop. Some of my favorite bites from the night were the kale wrapped, beet-based flat bread at Dalo’s and the spicy chocolate tequila ice cream at What’s the Scoop. Delicious! Everything else was good too but didn’t make my top two.

On my next crawl we went to Cafe Nell, The Bent Brick, Quimby’s and Besaw’s. My favorites of the evening were the salmon over creamy carrot puree and arugula sauce at Cafe Nell and the Gin-soaked veggie sandwiches at The Bent Brick. Everything I ate was delicious and fun to try. It’s not everyday you get to go to four different restaurants and sample different things off the menu. If I go out it’s usually only once in a day and I only get to sample what I get or if I’m lucky what my dining companion is having. Not quite the same adventure. I mean, Dishcrawl picks it all for you and it’s a surprise. Now that’s an adventure!

I love my food adventures in Portland so far. I’ve had many but these were some noteworthy outings. Hope you join one in your town!


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