What is it like to go to entrepreneur summer camp?

Did you even know such a thing existed? Summer camp for adults?!

It’s been a busy August. First World Domination Summit and then to an entrepreneur summer camp. Summer doesn’t get any better than this.

For the last three years Jonathan & Stephanie Fields have put on a Good Life Project called Camp GLP. It’s held at a summer camp near Rock Hill, NY. You sleep in cabins, eat meals together, attend workshops together and play together. It’s all kinds of awesome. A great bonding experience with other entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneur experience is sometimes lonely, especially if you work from home or live in a remote area. I have found the best way out of loneliness is through connecting with others that share your struggles and triumphs. People that are ready to talk about anything and everything. It’s not everyday or everywhere that you find these kind of entrepreneurs. Not everyone wants to teach everything they know or help you push through your walls. Heck, most people don’t want to be honest about money much less talk about it to “strangers”. The people at camp are the kind of people that want to talk about these things and I am so lucky to be among them.

Luck really has nothing to do with me being there. I chose to be there. I wanted to go to entrepreneur summer camp the second and third year because I heard how much fun it was the first year. I saw the bonds that were formed and the walls that broke down in my friends. I knew this was a place for me to grow and be accepted in all my imperfections.


What did I learn at summer camp?

I learned…

a bit about video and how to be fabulous on camera.

how to let go of my perfectionism and go full force into the growth mindset.

how to get out of my head and get past the fears that are holding me back.

the simplest way to know that you are meditating is if you can bring your mind back at least once to your breathe, to that blank open space. I can do this!

tips and tricks to rock my next in person workshop.

how to simplify my business life with apps and tools.

What were my intentions for summer camp?

Going into camp I realized I did not play nearly enough last year. I realized that I took all the business sessions I could take and didn’t really enjoy the activities that surround camp. There’s hammocks in trees, a rock climbing wall, pool, lake with toys, tennis courts, basketball courts, games and trails to roam.

My intention this year was to play more. To take the time to play. I’m so happy I did this. I not only played but I pushed myself to try new things in playing.

I tried stand up paddle boarding for the first time. It was easier than I thought so I thought I would try some yoga on the board. After I tried and succeeded at a few poses I saw some campers doing headstands. I was intimidated. Not just because I don’t do handstands on flat ground but I also don’t really like water. I don’t really like being in water and I really don’t like swimming. I decided to conquer this fear of not being enough and try a headstand. It didn’t take long before I could do it. I was a bit wobbly but I could do it. So I kept doing it till I got straighter and then I fell in. Now that I was all wet I was encouraged to go down the giant inflatable slide with two of my friends. I said yes!

I not only conquered doing a headstand on the water but I had a ton of fun sliding down and plunging into the water. I’m so glad I have friends that don’t just push me in my business but that also push me to play more. To let down my “hair” and dance like nobody’s watching. Because, what the heck, you only live once. It’s better to live without regrets.

Too often in our adult life we lose site of the fun we had as a kid. If we go back to having more fun, we’ll probably be more creative. At least I’d like to think those two are highly correlated. So get out of your head and have some fun. Take breaks, you deserve it. Plus, nature is a good reset for most of us.

Here’s a painting I made at camp. I want to get back into painting. It’s been far too long. If there’s not enough time in the day to play what the heck are we working for?

Entrepreneur summer camp play time

At the beginning of camp they also asked us to set an intention. I already knew I wanted to play more so I didn’t write that down. Instead I wrote “listen”. It wasn’t just because I lost my voice on the first day. I wanted to listen and absorb all that was around me. All the sounds, the people, the workshops and the fun. I wanted to listen to my inner voice and what she wanted. It kind of goes along with play but I wanted to get out of my head and lead with my heart. I wanted to practice this intention and hope to carry it home with me.

I think it’s working as I’m home and working on some new art.

Now…to get back into painting. If I can just put down my camera. Squirrel…

Lastly, if you want to hire me for something let me know. I need to pay my way back to camp in a couple days. Can I do it? I don’t know but I’m working on throwing my intentions out the the universe and seeing what I can get. It worked recently when I asked for a winning lottery ticket. How about an $800 windfall for entrepreneur summer camp? 🙂

Stay tuned for a post on positivity and creativity in a few weeks. Cheers!

What is Entrepreneur Summer Camp