When it’s cold outside, I’m cold. Crazy, I know!

Something that I have learned about myself is that during the winter I need a cold weather escape. As most Oregonians, I suffer from SAD (Seasonal affective disorder aka best acronym ever). I need a sunshine reboot. I need to feel warmth on my skin and get some real vitamin D.

I usually do this in January but this year November was colder than normal. I feel like I woke up after two weeks of fall and it was January already. Time for an escape. I had a place to say in Hawaii and friends I have been wanting to see for over a year. I had a bank of miles but didn’t want to spend them all to get there since it was fairly last minute (within two weeks).

How to get the best deal?

You can pay one price to go anywhere in the U.S. But you can also pay for the distance you are traveling if you use a distance based mileage chart like British Airways.

For 33,200 per person, round trip we were able to get tickets on a non-stop to Maui. Aloha!

It would have been cheaper had we booked ahead. And more expensive if we just booked the flight to somewhere in North America.

We went from this…

Frozen Falls

To this…


More on travel hacking in this post. Or sign up for my favorite travel card of all time.

My friend even wrote a guide on this very subject. I can get you a link, just let me know! Comment below.