I’ve had a few bags over the years but some are just more awesome than others so I’d like to tell you what works for me and maybe it can work for you too. I have four staple travel bags but one is just a plain roller bag that I’d love to upgrade and I’m still seeking the best for that upgrade. Maybe you’ll have some suggestions for me in the comments.

Laptop bag

I recently got a new bag that I think fits my look much better than my older laptop bags. It’s classy yet functional and very well made. Just what any girl needs as she roams the world working in coffee shops or hotels. The best part was the bag came in red! If you are not a fan of red I know it comes in black. The other cool thing about this new bag is that it slips onto my roller bag. That is so handy when I am traveling domestically. I can keep my hands free for snacks and boarding passes.

When I’m not roaming you might be able to spot me and this bag walking the streets of Portland, Oregon.

Laptop bag

Day pack / camera bag

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I am a traveler and not a tourist. I like to blend in where I go and not attract attention, especially with my bags. I once had a scary experience with my camera bag almost getting slashed but instead they got my friends bag. Ever since then I’ve never been keen to carry a “normal” camera bag. Instead I like to carry a non-descript bag that fits my camera (barely!), phone and wallet. This is of course when I’m not carrying my laptop and my laptop bag or my red dress.

My small day bag is the Metrosafe LS200 medium crossbody bag.

Mel Day Pack bag


On trips overseas I’m not one that likes to lug around my roller bag (because it’s not that great). It doesn’t do well on cobblestone streets or lugging it up three flights of stairs. It’s just too heavy and unwieldy. I prefer a backpack for these trips. It helps me pack only what I truly need because I know I’ll have it all on my back or in my other personal bag that I bring. I’ve packed all I needed for a month in my backpack. That felt pretty darn good!

My backpack is from REI and made for a woman’s smaller frame.

I’m always open to suggestions if you have something for me, especially a red roller bag, let me know in the comments or reach out and contact me personally.

Backpack bag


My favorite travel bags by Roux Roamer