Warning, this may be considered a rant but it could also be considered an etiquette lesson to people of all ages.

Why I hate living in the 21st Century:

Wherever you go someone is on the phone. You don’t want to be part of the conversation, but you can’t help it. You are both in a public space. They get mad at you when you give them the stink eye too. What gives? I don’t want to know what you are having for dinner if I don’t know you. It’s just none of my business.

When someone dies, you learn about it on Facebook or in some social media fashion. This is not ok. I don’t care if you are crying and can’t get the words out, pick up the phone. The phone is so underutilized except for what I said above (invasion of public spaces). We are so connected, yet we are overly disconnected by not talking to each other. We no longer need to because we learn about everything from Facebook. WRONG! You don’t learn everything from Facebook because that is only what people choose to post. It’s the lie. You only see part of what’s going on in someone’s life. You think I’m going to post that I just got laid off from a job. Nope. You’re probably only going to find out that from someone if you see them in person or talk to them on the phone.

You should have ton of apps installed on your phone and constantly check it throughout the day. I’m not sure this is helping us as a society. We are constantly missing what’s going on around us because we walk around looking at our phones. We even do this when we are sitting at dinner with our significant other or friends. No one talks anymore and they think they are getting all their news. They are not. Remember the above. We are only sharing part of our story online, not all of it. Pick up the phone or schedule a no phone’s allowed date with someone. Or heck, just ask someone how their day is? Even that’s an improvement with what’s going on today.

Not enough activity, too much TV/news/computer time. This is something I’ve been guilty of, at times, since I was younger. That’s not something I’m proud of. I, for one, still go out and exercise but not as much as I should. Like today, I’m sitting in front of my computer working when I could and should take a break to go outside and walk or run. But, I’m on a writing spree. This is good and I’m taking advantage of it while inspiration has struck but tomorrow I shall see the outside again, if not later tonight. Exercise helps keeps the sanity. Not enough if it and my body hates me for it. Remember, balance is key.

To recap my words of wisdom from experience: Talk on your phone less in public spaces where everyone can hear you, especially the person sitting next to you. Pick up the phone when someone dies. You may be the bearer of bad news but they’ll be thankful they heard it from a live person instead of their computer screen. Take some time out from social media. Leave your phone at home when you go for a walk and look around you. Be in the moment. Give yourself breaks to stretch or get some Vitamin D. Our bodies were not meant to sit all day long. They even make an app that will set those breaks for you. Maybe one you could install that benefits you more than the constant barrage of exclamation points and lack of commas.

End rant. But maybe, just maybe I’ve helped someone. Let’s hope.

Cheers to a better tomorrow!