Instead of giving gifts of love on a prescribed day of the year, how about a random day of the year. How about instead of giving non-useful things like chocolate and balloons we gave experiences? I mean, unless you really love chocolate and balloons then by all means get them to your love. But think about what an experience will give you versus the chocolate. An experience will give you memories that could last a lifetime. I’m not sure any chocolate can do that. It may be something you tell a handful of people, if its really good chocolate but are you going to blog about it or tell your children? Maybe. But wouldn’t it be better if that gift of love came on a random day, a just because I love you day. Doesn’t that mean more?

For me the best gifts are those of an experience. A chance to do something new, by yourself or with a friend. What kind of experiences can you give others? How about driving race cars or skydiving, or going to a place you’ve never been, be it a mountain or waterfall close by or a foreign country. Maybe it’s a picnic on top of the mountain over looking the city? It doesn’t have to cost a lot but the thought that goes into that experience is priceless. The memories from that experience could even change your life….or someone else’s.

Most of us forget to treat ourselves. I highly recommend treating yourself as you would your best friend. I mean after all, if you don’t like you, why would anyone else. Give yourself love! You deserve it more than anyone else. If you are full of love that can often be the best gift you can give to someone else. You’ll radiate it.

Go forth and give random acts of kindness, love yourself and treat your friends or love to a wonderful experience this year. Mix it up! Change is hard but life begins outside the comfort zone.

My adventure this weekend: two people and a dog in a tiny house.

Cheers to new experiences. May you always try to have them all throughout the year.


Random act of kindness in the PDX blizzard. Someone put hearts on the windows of several parked cars. Free and it makes you smile.