I was told that you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with most. That caused me to do a lot of thinking. Who surrounds me most? What do they offer? What do I offer them? Who does that make me? Is this who I want to be? Are these the right people to have surrounding me?

I believe, the best people to surround you are the ones that encourage you to achieve your dreams. The people that don’t think it’s crazy when you want to visit Cambodia, China or Malaysia because they know it’s your dream. It seems that everyone could use more accountability friends or family. The people that hold you to your dreams and your vision. The people that want to see you succeed in all the things you set out to do. These accountability friends would push you to constantly step out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries and work on your bucket list. I know I could use more friends like that. What about you?

I know these types of friends may not be for everyone. I’m not saying I want five hyper critical friends always pointing out where I’ve gone wrong, just the ones that know what I’m looking for out of life and will be honest with me if I’m on the right track or not. Personally, I’d love more friends that love challenges and push me to try new things.

It seems to me that this should be true of employers and employes too. Do you work for a company you believe in? A company that you love going to work for everyday? Does the company love that you show up everyday and believe in you? Or perhaps they notice when it’s not the right fit? What does a company or employee do when they notice they are no longer the right fit? Why isn’t this happening more and more? It seems we could find the right fit for everyone if we were more honest with each other at work and at home.

I know I’m always questioning and always trying to improve upon myself and my situation. I’m always working on my bucket list and trying new things. I’m always looking for more inspiration but now I’m also looking for more inspirational people to surround myself with. I’m looking for my tribe of five (and then some!). I’m looking to take more leaps. Are you with me?

Hopefully this sparks some questions and inspirations for you.