Here are some tips to get a good head shot

I get asked all the time, “How do I get a good head shot?” I see it in forums and posted in groups too. So, I thought I’d answer it here for all of you.

What not to wear:

Don’t wear black, white or red shirts. Do not wear small patterns. You can wear larger patterns if they flatter you.

Why? Black is not as flattering as you think. It is not very figure defining as shadows are hard to decipher. Red is a color that calls too much attention to it and will detract from your lovely face. White is just as bad as black and it’s hard to get a good figure flattering silhouette. I find that colors are way more flattering to all body types because you can see more shadows and highlights. Small prints can show up as optical illusions in photos which is super trippy to look at and will definitely detract the viewer from your face.

What you should wear:

Wear a color that looks good on you. What is the one color that you get compliments on every time you wear it? Maybe you have more than one, bring both! Who doesn’t need more than one head shot? You want to wear a color that is flattering to you and your skin tone. You can also wear a color that goes with your brand but make sure it is a color that looks good on you. You want to be you and look good doing it.

Don’t know what colors most flatter your skin? Ask someone at a high end department store. Cosmetics professionals can often tell you too. Friends can be a good indicator but not always. Sometimes friends can be too nice and you want to get to the truth.

Who should take the photo:

I would hire a professional (myself or someone you trust) to do your portraits because they will know the most flattering poses and angles for a head shot. They will also have a good camera and the lighting that will make you look even better than you imagined. The best head shots are done in natural light and need very little editing to look good. You want to look like you, when people look at the photo. (The best version of you.) I know I get a lot of people saying that I look like my head shot. To me, that’s a given. I should look like my head shot but I also take it as a compliment that I hired a great photographer that captured me and my personality.

Tips to give your photographer:

Where will you be using your photos? What applications? Print? Online? Personal? Business?

What feelings do you want to come across in your photos?

What are your values?

Some adjectives that describe you (and your business).

Give these answers to your photographer at least a few days before your headshot so that the photographer can think on it. It can also be helpful to inform the location of the photo shoot if you didn’t already have a favorite location in mind.