What happens if you hire a designer and you don’t like the work you are getting?

Did you have a written contract with the designer? If you did, go back and see how many revisions you are able to do.

Do you think it’s a communication issue? Is there not enough clarity around the problem and the proposed solution? Or perhaps the wrong terminology is being used? Is there a language barrier? Do they just not get you? If you are early on in the process, talk it out. See what you can do to get on the same path together. If you are late in the process, your contract allows you no more revisions and they just won’t listen, find someone else. Maybe your contract even gives you an out where you won’t owe any more money or says you get some money back if you paid it all up front. Chances are the designer has put a lot of time into your project and they won’t give you anything back. I’d just move on and be a little more careful with the next hire. If designers do a free consultation, do it. Read their site, get to know them before you hire them. Know what their personality is. What’s their communications style. Do they have experience in what you are hiring them to do (this isn’t always necessary but it’s probably best if they know what they are doing at least a little). Do they have any testimonials? Have you checked out their Linked In profile? If you do a consultation and check out all this stuff before you hire them, it should lead to a better result, but not always.

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I know I’ve been in the opposite position where a client said they were super happy with the rush project I was working on for them and then at the end when I delivered the final, print ready file, they refused to pay the bill. I tried to talk it out but was never successful. I had to let it go and learn from the experience.

You have to fail at least once, to know success. Just hope that you can revise or pivot. Success is just around the corner, I know it.