Do you want to travel but you don’t want to do it by yourself? Or perhaps your spouse doesn’t have the time off and you do? There are so many ways to find good travel buddies. I’ve tried several things that have worked.

How did I get a four continent friend?! I just asked. Sometimes that’s all you have to do. Ask.

It all began…

Years ago, I was single and wanting to travel more. I didn’t really want to do it all alone and some of my friends just didn’t have that much vacation outside of family time. I had just met someone on a volunteer board. I heard she liked to travel so one day I asked her, “Would you want to do a trip together?” Then we started talking more and more. Soon we had planned our first adventure: a european road trip! After that, we toured a few SE Asian countries during two different trips and most recently we met up for a safari in Africa.

Friends on safari

Meet travel buddies while traveling

Not only have I had some amazing trips with friends and family but I’ve also met some really cool people while traveling. Wandering the streets of Gothenburg I was a bit lonely so I went in to the tourist office and overheard another woman asking about the same places I was looking to visit. So, I asked her if she wanted to roam around together. In the Philippines, on a trip with my husband we met two awesome sisters. Traveled to another city, had some great food and shared a hike.

Make new new friends from your home town

Recently in Africa, I met up with an acquaintance from home. I overheard her saying she was going to be in Cape Town the same time I was there and so I thought, I must meet up with her and get to know her. I mean, she does have good tastes in travel destinations, right? Well, we did meet up, on the top of Table Mountain (of all the awesome places!) and we are quickly getting to know one another. We have so much in common, it was meant to be!

Life on the Edge


Also, just because you don’t live in the same town doesn’t mean you can’t travel together. You just meet up at your destination. I’ve done this a few times. Works great!

Travel websites

There are also websites out there where you can find travel companions/buddies/friends or people to stay with (Couchsurfing for example). You never know who your next travel buddy will be…just get out there and look. Ask around. Make new friends. But also be careful. You aren’t compatible to travel well with everyone.

I love travel and I love meeting others who share my same passion. By reading this, I’m guessing that’s you too.

If you have any fun stories of meeting new friends on the road, feel free to comment. I love telling travel stories to anyone that will listen, but I also love to hear them as well.

Happy travels, my friends!