My top three tips for how to take a good selfie

I was on a road trip…how many of my stories start out that way? A lot. But I digress, this story is about taking a good selfie.

Recently, I was in Yosemite (as you probably know already) and my aunt and I were trying to take a good selfie she was having trouble knowing how to hold the phone away at a good angle, a good distance away and still be able to push the button. I showed her my tricks and I thought maybe other people might also need to know those tricks.

How to hold your phone

Pictured below is how I hold my camera to get a good angle and distance. It also locks the phone into my hand so that it won’t fly out if a gust of wind came by or if we were standing near a cliff side I’d feel like it wasn’t going to fall out of my hand. The key is to really lodge the phone in between your pinky and the fleshy part of your palm. You also have it locked between your pinky and index fingers.Selfie Phone

If you can’t do this with straight fingers try curving them in like you see my index finger do. It can be more comfortable this way if you do it with your pinky too. Up to you. The straight pinky gives me more stability on the phone so that I don’t shake as much. My thumb is free to push the button. If you want a vertical picture, I hold it the same way and just tilt my arm. Even if the phone is upside down it won’t be an issue. You just want a good picture that’s not blurry, right? Flattering too! Yup, let’s move on to that next.

How to get good lighting

Good SelfieIf you are indoors and you want to take a good selfie the best light is in front of a window. You want to face the window so that you get the most flattering glow on your face (left). If you don’t face a window, as in the second photo (right), you don’t have the same glow or glint in your eyes. It isn’t as flattering to your skin tone. The window light tends to wash out those impurities that you can have on your skin as well. I believe it makes you look more radiant. I think you’ll agree.

Dark SelfieIn the first one (left) my hair looks more colorful and those dark eye circles tend to fade away in the light. My skin is brighter and more even toned. This is what photographers do when they take your professional portraits. They want you to be in the best light possible so that little to no editing is needed and you really shine through. They also don’t want you to be staring at any imperfections you may see. I know we all have them. I do too! We want your portraits to be something you are proud of and want to show off to the world on your website and business cards.

How to get a good angle

You want to lengthen your neck, put your shoulders back and jut your chin out a bit. You’ll feel funny doing this but trust me you’ll look better in the photo. If it doesn’t feel funny you’re not lengthening or jutting enough. When you do this, it will give you a really good jawline and neck. It’s also a good idea to hold the phone up higher than your face to help even out any line we might want to conceal or shadows we don’t want to be there.

By the way, I did not edit these photos at all. Straight out of the camera. A bit scary to share (that second one at least) but there you go! My tips for taking shareable selfies. If it helps you share it with your friends.

If you want to know how to get a good professional headshot for all your branding needs, I have that over on another blog post.

If you’ve seen my Instagram you know that I am way better at camera “selfies” than I am with my phone. Have you ever heard of a selfietographer? I guess that’s me!

How to take a good selfie by Roux Roamer