Africa adventures on the road

Whenever I go on adventure around my home or to a new city I am always looking for inspiration especially if I am currently working on a project. I will notice things, make notes and take pictures of things that I think could work well. It’s like a mood board created from scratch. I’m not pulling from online, I’m pulling from in person experiences I’m having at that time.

You never know where you’re next great idea will strike. For some people it’s in the shower, for me it’s on the road or out for a run. I love being on the go, it keeps my mind active and exploring.

Suset Buffalo Herd

I was recently in Africa (on vacation!) and it was so cool to be out on safari and disconnected from the internet. There wasn’t much in the way of advertising either. It was quiet. A great space to think and unwind. A great detox for the senses. When we were in the cities it was fun to see how they paint their billboards onto the buildings. It was fun to see what advertising looks like. I don’t want to copy what they are doing but I’d like to bring the ideas home with me and inject them into my own designs. Hopefully making some unique creations.

Ruffled feathers

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Elephant Stare

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