Many people have told me that I am crazy. I prefer to think that I lead a very interesting life, a fun life (mostly), unique, for sure. I have a very eclectic and long bucket list, but it’s my list and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve done. I have jumped out of a plane, climbed the Great Wall, ran a 5k, learned to sail and traveled to many countries and states. I have many more items on my bucket list and I’m sure I’ll enjoy doing each of them.

The past month was filled with interesting things, expected things, unexpected things and travels. I stared the month visiting family, celebrating new lives and remembering those close to me that have passed. Things turned even more sad with another death in the family but it led to a wonderful family reunion. I learned a Native American ritual to ease the passing of a loved one to the other side. I hope it’s as comforting for those on the other side as it is for us to share these experiences. I ran in two fun races, The Color Run and Bill’s Beer Run. Both are races that brought much joy to my life in different ways and took me to Portland and Sarasota. I sampled my way down distillery row in Portland and secured the last bottle of J Witty Camomile liquor from the Owner of New Deal. All it took was asking. And lastly, I have visited with many friends and eaten at many great restaurants. I haven’t been home much to write, except to work on my book submission but I hope to have more to say soon.

States visited this past month: Oregon, Washington, Florida, Michigan California. Whew!

I hope you’ve had an interesting month as well. Through all the bad times there’s always a light that shines through. Look for that light and let it guide you to more light.

Next stop: Hawaii for more sunshine! But for now a picture from the #1 beach is the USA, Siesta Key. Enjoy the light!