8 Keys to Marketing

Know your worth. YOU are valuable. Don’t sell yourself short. Treat yourself as you would a client/customer. What would you tell a friend to do? How would you want to feel as a customer? Work with that. Use it to your advantage. If you can’t, ask your friends to help or hire a professional.

Make. Make. Make. If you aren’t making, you can’t be selling.

Show your work. People want to see your process. Your process is what makes your work valuable. It shows your clients/customers that there is not an easy button. Plus, it shows how you work. It lets people get to know you better. It’s part of your story. Your story is what helps sell your work.

Share your story. Let people know why you do what you do. Who are you and what’s the benefits you give to others? What’s your superpower?

Have confidence. If you need more, work on it. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you excepted others to believe in you? Gather a mastermind or an accountability group to help support you on your way.

It’s been done before. So what! Do it anyway if it’s what you love and there’s a market for it. YOU make the difference. YOU are the unique differentiator. Use it to your advantage.

Give value, value, value! Then ask for sale and repeat the process. Don’t think you can just skip right to third base.

You can do it. And if you don’t or can’t, someone else will. Wouldn’t you rather it be you?

I wrote a longer article for Dynamic Range Magazine on women and marketing (latest issue). The magazine helps promote women photographers. Check it out.