I need your help…today…on leap day!

I try not to ask for help to often. In fact I often don’t ask when I need it. So much so that I’ve just picked up Amanda Palmer’s book the Art of Asking. It’s really good so far. But I digress, again, I need your help and I need to ask for it.

I’d love to get that somewhat-still-coveted “best seller” tag on my new Kindle book. How? I need a bunch of people to buy my book all in one day or around the same time. If you or anyone you know could buy my book today that would be amazing! If you want to see the event I’m hosting it’s on Facebook.

If you know someone that wants to learn more about travel or wants to travel more please share this event with them. My book will help! If you don’t believe me you can read what other people had to say in the reviews section.

Take the Leap

Let’s leap into some amazing spring break adventures or maybe plan something for summer or plan your next four years. Travel is good for you. I promise.

I’ll be on Blab at this time with the lovely Soness Stevens if you want to check it out. We’ll be talking all things travel…of course.

Thanks so much for your support. I couldn’t do it without you and I wouldn’t want to. I love my community.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s regularly scheduled blog post. It’s all about designing your Instagram page. Ooooo….pretty!