You can save yourself some space and get more readability on your materials if you use fewer words. Less is not just “more” but better. If you have fewer words you are calling attention to the right words. You have less competition in the space. Just think of it this way, each word or line is fighting for attention. The fewer words you have or the fewer lines the less fighting you have going on and the more important those few remaining words become. PLUS, white space is awesome for letting your eyes enter the space. If there is no white space it can be overwhelming for our eyes to have an entry point or a starting place.

I saw this banner (below) while driving by a shopping center. I thought they really don’t need to say “attention” on a big banner on a building. It seems redundant plus it just adds visual clutter. If I hadn’t been stopped to notice or read it I probably would have missed the whole thing. For signage on the road, if you are driving 45 miles per hour you have about three seconds for someone to read your whole message.

2016-03-30 16.10.12

If you want to learn more about doing less but better check out this amazing book, Essentialism by Greg McKeown.* It should help you with all of your decision making in life and business. It helps you cut out the clutter and deal with the stuff that really matters, including your marketing material. It’s about dealing with the stuff that makes you money or the stuff that truly lights you up. You can cut out all that other junk and focus. It’s all about less but better.2016-04-19 13.03.45

Think about less but better the next time you are working on your business cards, flyer, to do list, billboard and everything else where you have a choice.

*Don’t you hate it when there’s an asterisk in the copy and then you can’t find where it goes at the end? Ok, maybe that’s just me but I’m happy to report I love connecting dots. If you like this book recommendations, I have a few more posted on LinkedIn.