Why I like Moo business cards

If you can’t afford a designer but you need business cards to help spread the word about your work, check out Moo. They offer really simple designs on premium papers that make it look like you had a designer do your cards.

Often less is more. Don’t cram everything on your business card and fill up every millimeter. You want people to really focus on what’s important and the actions you want them to take with your card i.e. call or email you. Moo templates are really good at this simple, professional approach.

My business cards are printed at Moo but I did design them myself, without using one of their templates. Here’s a picture of the back.

Melissa D Jones Moo Cards

If you go with someone like VistaPrint and you get one of their templates for free then you have their logo on the back of the card. It’s an advertisement for someone else. That doesn’t help put money in your pocket. You want to be the sole focus on your business card. Plus even without their logo on the back, all their templates are being used by hundreds of other businesses, you won’t stand out. Trust me. Check out this post for photo evidence.

What to put on your card:

Your name

Logo (Name of your business if you don’t have a logo. If your logo or business name isn’t clear what you do then you should probably have a title like “graphic designer” or a five word description of your business, a tagline perse.)

Phone number

Email address

Web address (If you don’t have one, just your email address is great)

White space (This is good for two reasons: you are highlighting only the relevant info and you are giving them space to write a note about you so they can remember why they should follow up with you.

What’s optional on your card:

A picture of yourself. How many times have you forgotten someone’s name but you would remember what they look like if you saw a picture of them. It’s really great for conferences when you get a ton of cards all on one day.

What about fonts and color:

Use only one font and minimum color. If on a white background, use only black and one color to make your name stand out or to make your web address stand out. Pick one. Highlight only one thing to draw their eye into the card, whether this be with color the bold version of your font. If all else fails, use only one color. That’s easy and clean. Remember KISS (keep it super simple). Simple is better.

If you use a color background then you might not want to use black type. You might want to use white or navy. If this all sounds way to complicated just go with a Moo template. They are simple and classic.