I was supposed to go to Africa in August but the stars didn’t align and I had to put my trip on hold. Emotionally, this was hard to do. I hadn’t been anywhere new in over a year. Financially, it’s free to park your plane ticket for a few months if you used miles to purchase the ticket.

Fast forward. It’s now time to go! 

What am I bringing on my trip, to this new land? A continent I have never stepped foot on? New shoes, of course. They’re lighter and way brighter but My Ahnu’s are the best travel shoes I’ve ever owned. It’s sad to see them go, but new adventures await…

New Merrell shoes

New Merrell shoes

Well traveled Ahnu's

Well traveled Ahnu’s

What else is in my backpack for the trip?

  • Four different plug adapters (South Africa uses one that’s different than anywhere else it seems)
  • One back up battery charger for all electronics
  • One tripod, two memory cards, two lenses and one DSLR
  • Linen pants, light tops
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Snacks! I never leave home without a snack or two in my bag.

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I’ll also post here, once I’m back and had time to write up all the fun I’ve had. Stay tuned for more on Africa! …A bucket list item I can now cross off my list.